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Importance of Finding Your Right Diet

Seeing patients one at a time for 35 years, I am reminded time and again of certain vital health tools that are available to each and every person, with the correct information along with the guidance of a knowledgeable health practitioner.

My patients tend to be intelligent, informed and motivated. They know that just as important as finding the right diet is also knowing that your body’s vitamin and mineral needs change depending upon what you’re going through in your life. Nothing in life stays the same, including the dietary needs of your body, in order to keep it running smoothly with enough life supporting minerals and vitamins. It is possible to satisfy these needs through diet but often in our modern world, supplementation is necessary. If you are unsure whether you are getting the best balance of vitamins and minerals, I suggest a lab test for micro nutrients which many of my patients have found to be helpful in helping to get back on track.

Yet, some people don’t want to know because they are worried that they will be told to, for example, eat more dairy if they need calcium. However, calcium can be found in a variety of other foods in nature: seeds, almonds, leafy greens, and more. And, depending upon how depleted one’s body is, there might be a temporary need for calcium supplementation.

Also, we consider the effects of the acid/alkaline balance in the diet. Someone with an overly acidic diet will consistently need more calcium because an acidic diet tends to leech the calcium out of the body. (The acidity creates an inflammatory tendency adversely affecting calcium absoption, but that is another blog post.)

There are countless diets and theories claiming amazing results — in fact, there are just enough conflicting diets and claims to make the average consumer utterly confused. Again, finding your right diet is part of the continual process of life and the wisest people stay open to what is best for their body as they go through life.



I think you might have saved my life. My hmo recommended that I stay home but you insisted that I go to the hospital and it turned out that I was on the verge of encephilitis. You have always been there for me throughout the years and I am so grateful.