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By the time of my first visit with Dr. Ross in December 2000, I was certain I was hypothyroid. I had 30 extra pounds of myxedema, my mind was in a permanent fog, and I had no energy to live or work. When I presented with these symptoms to previous doctors, my symptoms were either dismissed as nothing or incorrectly diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Eight months before I went to Dr. Ross, I asked another doctor if I could be hypothyroid but she insisted I couldn’t be, because my TSH was considered normal at 3.0. I had every textbook symptom of hypothyroidism, including a basal temperature as low as 96.4, but that doctor, like all the others, didn’t see me or the myxedema or any of my many obvious symptoms. All she saw was a lab value and that lab value determined my (incorrect) diagnosis.

Dr. Ross doesn’t treat lab values, he treats patients. After comprehensive testing, he confirmed I was hypothyroid and worked with me in the first six months to get the right medications and dosages. Dr. Ross works with patients as a partner. He doesn’t just look at test results, he looks at the whole person and he trusts his patients to know their own bodies and symptoms, and always wants to hear what they have to say. Dr. Ross is truly the best doctor I have ever had and it’s no exaggeration to say that he saved my life.

~ L.D.