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About Dr. Ross

About Dr. Ross
Gary S. Ross, M.D.

Gary S. Ross, M.D. combines the best of traditional western medicine, high technology and specialty diagnostic tests with nutritional, holistic medicine. In the old days, people called this “common sense.” Today you might call it “thinking outside the box.” True holistic medicine involves all the tools of health and medicine: nutrition — diet and nutritional supplements, digestion, food allergies and sensitivities; exercise — yoga, weight lifting, aerobic fitness; environmental health; attitude; balancing the hormones, including the thyroid, naturally; and supporting the glands including the adrenals. Holistic therapies include diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, intravenous and intramuscular injections, homeopathy, herbs and naturally compounded medicines.

People seek Dr. Ross’ advice for a variety of health concerns, but the most common issues are those related to hormone, adrenal and thyroid imbalances. Symptoms can include fatigue, poor memory and concentration, weight gain, exhaustion, depression, recurrent infections, dry skin, and lack of stamina and vigor. Other underlying symptoms and causes can be a part of the picture and Dr. Ross draws on the array of western and eastern methods to diagnose, treat and advise each patient.

Dr. Ross consultations in-person, by phone and or Skype

In medical practice for over 30 years, Dr. Ross sees patients daily in his San Francisco and Santa Barbara offices. He treats each person as an individual, creating a customized plan of action for every patient. Dr. Ross knows that the path to better health begins where you are and he applies his clinical experience, medical knowledge and holistic wisdom in the health guidance of each patient.

In addition to his private medical practice, Dr. Ross, a pioneer in the natural health field, is the author of books and tapes and he has published articles in a variety of health publications. He has lectured internationally and has served as a medical consultant in the health industry. He was professor of western clinical medicine at Meiji College of Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Ross received his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine and did residency training in internal medicine. A lifelong student of health, Dr. Ross has pursued his higher health education throughout his career. He has had the honor of learning from some of the great natural health leaders of our time. His studies have taken him around the world and have given him a broad overview of health and healing. He also manages to remain current on western medical topics and he trained in acupuncture through UCLA School of Medicine.

He has a respect for the different dietary and health choices available. Each individual is unique and the pursuit of better health, like life itself, is a process. No matter what the health issue is, there is always something that can be done to obtain benefit. And no matter how well you feel, why not try to do something to build on that good health — on all levels — to always aim for the best quality of life.

Common Conditions seen by Dr. Ross

  • Natural Thyroid Replacement and Support

  • Hormone Imbalance and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Women and Men

  • Adrenal Weakness

  • Depression

  • Anti Aging Issues

  • Memory

  • Focus

  • Fatigue

  • Immune System

  • Heart Palpitations

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Lyme Disease

  • Intergrative Medicine

Published by Dr. Ross


Depression and Your Thyroid
New Harbinger Publications 2006

Nature's Guide to Healing
Freedom Press 2000

Artichoke Extract
Freedom Press 1999

Dr. Ross has also authored and contributed to numerous articles in medical and health journals.

Books on tape:

Heart Palpitations

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Benign Breast Lumps