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Telomeres are protective caps that cover the tips of the bodyís chromosomes, similar to the plastic tips that are at the end of a shoelace. The telomeres tend to become shorter as people age, so testing the telomeres is a way to look at cellular aging. The shortness of the telomeres points to the patientís biological age and is actually measured using the patientís white blood cells taken with a blood sample for this specially designed test. After many cell divisions in a personís life, once the telomeres shorten to a critical point the cell is no longer able to divide and thusly, dies.




I recently had an appointment with Dr. Ross to address my male hormones, my andropause. It was an excellent visit. A week or so later, I have found that the testosterone he gave me has made all the difference. I have been feeling better than I have in ages. I’ve been mowing the lawn and taking care of business. And it’s been really kinda nice.