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Telomeres are protective caps that cover the tips of the body�s chromosomes, similar to the plastic tips that are at the end of a shoelace. The telomeres tend to become shorter as people age, so testing the telomeres is a way to look at cellular aging. The shortness of the telomeres points to the patient�s biological age and is actually measured using the patient�s white blood cells taken with a blood sample for this specially designed test. After many cell divisions in a person�s life, once the telomeres shorten to a critical point the cell is no longer able to divide and thusly, dies.




Dr. Ross has been able to adjust her thyroid and she’s happy and I’m happy. As for me, it’s taken time but these past 2 weeks I lost 6 pounds which motivates me to keep working on losing 20 pounds. We both feel pretty descent right now and we’ll see Dr. Ross on our next trip to San Francisco to check in with him and fine tune our programs.