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Ross Health Consultations

Happy, Healthy New Year!

We welcome you to make an appointment with Dr. Ross this month to help you reach your healthful balance.

Dr. Ross, the author of a book about thyroid, has been in practice for 35 years seeing one patient at a time, treating each person as an individual. He is a pioneering physician in holistic medicine, blending the best of east and west and beyond. He has been treating patients with bioidentical hormones long before the term was coined. He has a talent for getting to the root cause of patient issues and he is excellent at working on the subtleties that affect our everyday lives.

If you want to radiate true well being and live your life fully, and if you realize you’re not quite there yet, please call us for an appointment. Fortunately we have 2 locations available: San Francisco and Santa Barbara. Dr. Ross has office hours in each location every week.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you soon!



Dr. Ross doesn’t treat lab values, he treats patients. After comprehensive testing, he confirmed I was hypothyroid and worked with me in the first six months to get the right medications and dosages. Dr. Ross works with patients as a partner. He doesn’t just look at test results, he looks at the whole person and he trusts his patients to know their own bodies and symptoms, and always wants to hear what they have to say. Dr. Ross is truly the best doctor I have ever had and it’s no exaggeration to say that he saved my life.