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Ross Health Consultations

“Dr. Ross saved my life. The positive impact on my life, my physical health and my way of thinking have improved so much. He detected a thyroid condition 10 years ago that no one else found. I weighed almost 300 pounds, low energy, depressed. A coworker recommended him to me and when I saw him the first time and he suggested along with other things, testing for hypothyroidism, I told him not to bother, that it would be pointless because so many other doctors had checked for it before. But he said, let’s just try a certain thyroid panel by blood and a 24 hour urine test. The tests came back showing that I was low thyroid and I lost 100 pounds over time. My depression also lifted. He slowly weaned me off Wellbutrin. It was amazing.

He sits down with you face to face for an uninterupted visit. And he offers phone consultations which have been helpful to me. I’ve been through some tough times and he has always been there to help me. He listens when I’m talking and thinks of solutions. He pays attention to what’s going on in my life and he doesn’t make me feel crazy like other doctors have in the past. He doesn’t just give prescriptions. He tries to think of natural things that help. He only recommends the best. He’s always been able to give me options for the course of treatment and a backup plan.

And he always follows up and cares about his patients. During that international thyroid shortage, I never ran out because they made sure I was covered so that I could remain feeling well.

He and Kathleen are a team. My quality of life would never be the same without them. I referred my mom and my husband and my friend. This friend bought a book about thyroid that she loved and she brought it to me, saying this is the best book about thyroid ever. I said, that’s my doctor’s book! So she goes to him, too.”

~ M.S.