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Ross Health Consultations

“Nearly 2 decades ago I had the good fortune of meeting a Doctor who saved my life and continues to provide a road map for me to manage my own health. His name is Dr. Gary Ross and I call him the “The Thinking Man’s Doctor”. Dr. Ross is the most brilliant diagnostician I have ever met and was addressing the whole human being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in his medical practice long before this concept was introduced into mainstream medicine by the likes of Dr. Oz, and written about in glossy celebrity magazines. He thinks out of the box of established medical protocols if the traditional approaches don’t work, employing diagnostic methodologies and a network of labs and pharmacies that are several cuts above the usual suppliers. He does not give up on tough cases like mine and has never dismissed my own input into treatment as irrelevant. I think of Dr. Ross as a layman’s Medical Partner not an authoritative Medical Deity. I was almost killed off by those types, and in the process I lost my job, my life savings my dignity and my hope to regain a healthy life. On top of the physical pain I was experiencing from a diseased thyroid and tumor – the psychological and emotional pain on my journey to find a proper diagnosis and treatment was so long, overwhelming and traumatic, I wanted to give up at one point – I just wanted to die and get it over with. I am confident that had I met Dr. Ross early on in the display of symptoms relating to Hashimoto’s Disease and hypothyroidism, he would have gotten to a diagnosis quickly enough to have spared me the pain, suffering and financial loss that I experienced for nearly two years while under the care of many other specialists and Endocrinologists.

Although Dr. Ross is not an official “Endocrinologist”, he excels in the diagnosis and treatment of the endocrine system – particularly the thyroid – and is an expert on balancing the hormones. I would not be here today if he wasn’t. He also excels in anti-aging treatments and promoting a “preventative medicine” approach to staying healthy through the proper use of medications, vitamins, herbal and other natural supplementation, diet, exercise and spiritual practices.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Dr. Ross and to his wife Kathleen- who is a tremendous support to both the Doctor and to his patients and has encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition and supplementation – for their kind and heartfelt attention to me as a patient and as a fragile human being whose constitution does not always fit neatly into the medical books.

~ Carol B.