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Ross Health Consultations

It’s so difficult to believe that it has been just shy of 20 years since I first went to Dr.Ross ! If you ever need a doctor with whom you can discuss ANYTHING (and I do mean anything) with this is your guy !!! He is void of the false ego that too many physicians cling so tightly to. It is this, as well as all of his experience & extensive trainings, that creates the perfect atmosphere to discuss all of the options available for ones future health.
In his office, after any tests that were taken are returned, he explains the results & then gives you the choices for treatment It is then that the TWO of you will come up with a plan with which to proceed. I’ve never met another doctor who works this way. Every other M.D. has given me the, “One Size Fits ALL” treatments/medications without discussion. So, these are the reasons I will continue to work with Dr.Ross and his wonderful “Manager,” Kathleen, “for as long as we all shall live !” ~ JM