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Ross Health Consultations

I have been treating with Dr. Ross for over 15 years. His approach is holistic and he is an incredibly knowledgeable, holistic physician with an eclectic approach to healing. I have had numerous severe health challenges in my life, as well as several serious stresses (e.g. severe arthritis while still in my late 30’s, and adrenal exhaustion). Dr. Ross has come through for me in a way that no other doctor has — certainly none of the mainstream medical doctors (who still don’t even acknowledge the existence of “adrenal exhaustion”!) As an added bonus, Dr. Ross is one of the nicest people I know. He is a good talker, but is also a very good listener, and I am never rushed out the door before getting complete clarification about the problem at hand, and what my treatment options are for getting rid of it. As a side note, I would add that I had moved to Oahu for several years (starting in 2005) but I did not miss at least having a yearly appointment with Dr. Ross! I budgeted for it, and flew back to San Francisco to see him. I can’t think of another single doctor that I would go to that much trouble to see! Dr. Ross’s wife, Kathleen, is a delightful person, and she is very prompt and professional about handling invoicing/billing for my visits with Dr. Ross.