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Noe Valley Farmers' Market

Noe Valley Farmers' Market

3861 24rth Street
Between Vicksburg and Sanchez Street
San Francisco, California
Year Round
Saturdays: 8 a.m.-10 a.m.


Each Saturday, this small neighborhood market meets the community’s needs for fresh, local produce, helping to create a community dedicated to caring and social justice.

Stroll into the market on Saturday mornings and find fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruit, organic fresh-squeezed juice; grass-fed beef; honey; bread, pastries and pies; almonds; dried fruit; Indian, Nepalese, Mexican food as well as many other offerings. Listen to local musicians, chat with your neighbors, watch the kids dance and bask in the supportive feeling of being part of a weekly community gathering.

Since its inception in December 2003, The Noe Valley Farmers’ Market has been a source of inspiration and hope in Noe Valley. This small neighborhood market meets the community’s needs for fresh, local produce while helping to foster a community dedicated to caring and social justice. It has evolved into the neighborhood’s town square – a place where people know they will meet other neighbors and feel part of a community. The market is run by a small, local volunteer board that established and follows these three guiding principles:


The farmers’ market will serve in the economic sense of a market, but also as a place where neighbors will meet each other and develop relationships with farmers and market volunteers. The market board will strive to support and strengthen the community through events, education and neighborhood outreach.


Locally grown food is front and center at a farmers’ market. Most (not all) of our vendors sell organic fruits and vegetables. Produce grown in healthy soil, free of pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers, is healthier for the humans who consume it and the workers who grow and harvest it. It also sustains the health of the farmland, the surrounding watershed and everything that lives downstream from the farm.


A farmers’ market is just a part of a food economy built upon a web of small local farms. Compared to large-scale industrial agriculture, this employs more people, provides more food security, reduces carbon-intensive transportation costs, and promotes crop diversity. The dollars you spend at a farmers’ market stay closer to home.

The Noe Valley Farmers’ Market operates every Saturday, providing a regular, high-quality food source for the community. Products sold at the market include fresh, seasonally available vegetables and fruit, as well as honey, nuts, dried fruit, olive oil, vinegar, organic breads, pasture-raised meat, and prepared foods. Join us, find seasonal fresh produce, enjoy the music and spend some time getting to know your Noe Valley neighbors.

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