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500 Sutter Street Suite 511
San Francisco, CA 94102
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Fax: 805-456-2928

Santa Barbara:
1482 East Valley Road Suite 503
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Phone: 805-695-8700
Fax: 805-456-2928


Common Conditions Seen by Dr. Ross

Gary S. Ross, M.D.
consultations and phone consultations for 35 years

Common Conditions seen by Dr. Ross:

Natural Thyroid Replacement and Support
Hormone Imbalance and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Women and Men
Adrenal Weakness
Anti Aging Issues
Immune System
Recurrent Infections
Intestinal Parasites
Heart Palpitations
Nutritional Guidance
Nutritional Supplementation
Micronutrient testing

Recent Medical Meetings

Body Bio Medical Meeting
focus on phosphocholine treatment in of chronic diseases
October 2012

Orthomolecular Health and Medicine Society
Physiological Treatments For Cancer
San Francisco February 2012

Pleo Sanum Conference
Tempe, Arizona February 2012

UCSF Diabetes Update and Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism
San Francisco March 2011

Shaman Don Luciano Mutumbajoy
Colombian Amazon Medicine Man
Summerland November 2010

Master Healer Rendo Sugimoto lecture
Summerland June 2010

Hormone Medical Meeting
Los Angeles May 2010

USC Keck School of Medicine Annual Thyroid Meeting
Los Angeles May 2010


Books by Dr. Ross:

Depression and Your Thyroid
New Harbinger Publications 2006

Nature's Guide to Healing
Freedom Press 2000

Artichoke Extract
Freedom Press 1999

Dr. Ross has also authored and contributed to numerous articles in medical and health journals.

Books on tape:

Heart Palpitations

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Benign Breast Lumps

Jump Start Your 2014 Well Being

Ross Health

Ross Health Institute

Maximize your well being
with the best
of western medicine
and natural healing
Learn To Think Like A Healer
from Kathleen Anderson Ross
December 23, 2013

Dear Kathleen,

Happy Holidays! It is now, at the end of the year, that we become ready for new beginnings, choosing resolutions and goals for 2014. Ideas of better health, wellness, and fitness come up. Here’s great news: We are kicking off the new year with Ross Health Institute, our membership program designed to help you achieve your goals.
I have learned so much in my 30 years working closely with individual well being. The 2 most ultimate truths are that your health is more important than everything else in your life combined and it is easier than you think to feel effervescently full of life and living.
You just need the right information that you can actually use to change, upgrade and revitalize yourself!
At Ross Health Institute we blend together the tools and possibilities of western medicine with natural healing to give you what you need to create, achieve and sustain personal well being on all levels. Dr. Ross loves helping his patients one at a time as he has for 35 years.
We’ve created Ross Health Institute to maximize your well being with the right blend of western medicine and natural healing wisdom delivered to you monthly.
How to sign up
Simply email me here with your name, email and phone number to start your founding membership. Your $499 annual membership includes 4 CD’s every month: 2 by Dr. Ross (read about Dr. Ross here), 1 by me (read about me here) plus 1 interview with another health innovator. That is 4 programs every month that will inform and inspire you with practical action items.
Please sign up now because the price truly does go up within days.
Remember: You also receive complete typed transcripts of every program.
We are going to have such a positive, proactive time together!
With Best Wishes,

Kathleen Anderson Ross

Ross Health Institute

P.S. These memberships are excellent gifts, for family, friends and corporate colleagues. I have exquisite gift cards to email and send to your loved ones and associates. Let me know!

Membership Now Available

Ross Health Institute

Blending the best
of western medicine
with natural healing
for individualized well being
Thrive Through Life!
from Kathleen Anderson Ross
December 8,2013


When we consider the best in life, it is quality that we all value most. Quality of life. The ability to wake up feeling well, spend each day engaged in our interests and with our loved ones, and then sleeping peacefully through the night to be ready for another fulfilling day. We want to feel great throughout every stage of life, with confidence that any problems also have many possible solutions.
At Ross Health Institute, our brand of holistic health care is a blending together of the tools and possibilities of western medicine with natural healing to give people what they need to create, achieve and sustain personal well being on all levels.
However you think about it, these are all true:
body, mind, spirit.
mental, emotional, physical, spiritual
the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone and beyond and deeper.
Your whole life should be a living wellness, the real deal, not just walking your talk, but skipping and doing proverbial cartwheels as you live your passion.
We believe from extensive experience with thousands of patients over more than three decades, that health issues and challenges from just plain living life can be helped and significantly improved through a variety of modalities. Sometimes it’s quick, most times it takes fine-tuning along the way.
It’s not just information you need to succeed and thrive through life.There’s tons of information out there, facts and figures every where you turn. But what you need is the perfect blend of real information that you can use right away to improve and better your everyday life, the tools, modalities and understanding what they mean and why you’re choosing to do them. After all, we want to be effective, make a difference — otherwise people are just gathering information. Right action makes the world go round.
This is why we are providing Ross Health Institute, a membership driven community with 4 new audio programs a month, one every week delivered to your email or all 4 sent to you on CD’s each month. Our purpose is to give you not just facts and figures but a whole understanding of the possibilities in living an enriched life. These programs will help you stay on a super healthy track because you’ll access powerful life altering info that will keep your thoughts of well being and understanding of what to do in the forefront of your mind.

Join now as a founding member and start receiving info you can use this week. Just email me here with your name, email and phone number to start your membership.Dr. Ross will present 2 programs a month on health subjects (read about Dr. Ross here). One program per month is by me (read more about me here). And one program every month is focused on an interview with another health practitioner, researcher or inventor.That is 4 programs every month to help you become your own personal version of feeling fabulous and, importantly,understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. (We also have an annual event in May each year — attendance is optional — for those who would like to get together with like minded people.)
Please remember to join now because the price goes up as of next week. Join today for $499 for a year membership which is less than $42 a month. (Add additional members from your household for only $200.) Simply email me or call me 805-729-6188 to join and begin benefitting immediately.
We want to improve the world by helping people — you — make informed choices for a healthier life, choices that you can act on every moment of your life. This membership is open to anyone who wants to be actively involved in feeling great. You do not have to be a patient to join. Everyone is welcome.
It is our honor to help you in the office and as a Ross Health Institute member. I look forward to taking this positive, proactive journey with you!
With Best Wishes,
Kathleen Anderson Ross
Ross Health Institute

P.S. These memberships are excellent gifts, whether for family, friends or corporate colleagues. I have exquisite gift cards to present to those important people on your list.

Appointments Available

Dr. Ross is in the San Francisco office on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

He is in the Santa Barbara office on Monday and Tuesdays.

Please call 415-398-0555 or 805-695-8700 to schedule your appointment.

We look forward to helping you!

Thank you!

Thank you to our many amazing patients. We are honored to be a part of your lives and your health care.


Dr. Ross is in the San Francisco office on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

He is in the Santa Barbara office on Monday and Tuesdays.

Please call 415-398-0555 or 805-695-8700 to book your appointment.

We look forward to helping you!

Happy Independence Day!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are     Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
~ Declaration of Independence


I hope you both have a delightful 4th of July! Due to your excellent care, I am free of the many health problems that are beginning to trouble my peers! I can truly appreciate my independence with excellent health!  ~GM


I have been treating with Dr. Ross for over 15 years.  His approach is holistic and he is an incredibly knowledgeable, holistic physician with an eclectic approach to healing.  I have had numerous severe health challenges in my life, as well as several serious stresses (e.g. severe arthritis while still in my late 30’s, and adrenal exhaustion).  Dr. Ross has come through for me in a way that no other doctor has — certainly none of the mainstream medical doctors (who still don’t even acknowledge the existence of “adrenal exhaustion”!)  As an added bonus, Dr. Ross is one of the nicest people I know.  He is a good talker, but is also a very good listener, and I am never rushed out the door before getting complete clarification about the problem at hand, and what my treatment options are for getting rid of it.   As a side note, I would add that I had moved to Oahu for several years (starting in 2005) but I did not miss at least having a yearly appointment with Dr. Ross!  I budgeted for it, and flew back to San Francisco to see him.  I can’t think of another single doctor that I would go to that much trouble to see!  Dr. Ross’s wife, Kathleen, is a delightful person, and she is very prompt and professional about handling invoicing/billing for my visits with Dr. Ross.

Dr. Ross is by far one of the best Dr’s you will ever be treated by. He has completely upgraded the level of treatment I receive for my thyroid condition. But more than that he truly cares about the complete quality of life that his patients are providing themselves with. he is a wonderful Dr. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. and Kathlene -D.M.


I met Doctor Ross almost five years ago through a family referral. The difference he has made in the quality of my life is as significant as between a person who works out and one who is stagnant; simply put it has been life altering and positive!!! Most of his remedies are homeopathic so that the body can rely on natural healing powers but if need be Doctor Ross also understands the body mechanics with a sixth sense and has had test results come back exactly as he assumed by just a description of the symptoms. Going to him was one of the best choices for my over all health in the last ten years. Thank you Doctor Ross!!!!! ~ DG